2018 International Fund Management Firm of the Year (Latam Focused)

Prudent is proud to announce we have received several prestigious awards issued by ACQ5 as part of their 2018 Global Awards. In fact, Prudent was recognized as the most decorated fund management firm of the year. 

May 2019

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Acquisition International: Hedge Fund Manager of the Year 2018

Drawing on more than an aggregated 100 years of local investment experience in the Brazilian market, Prudent Group, through its innovative Prudent Investment Fund (PIF), offers investors a unique opportunity to move into this dynamic market. Having recently been awarded the firm Most Outstanding Hedge Fund Manager – 2018, we profiled it to find out more.

Sept 2018

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Prudent’s Comments on the Brazilian Election 

At Prudent, we look forward to participate in the economic resurgence in Brazil. The proposed economic policies of the Bolsonaro administration will create an environment which will allow the SME’s we work with to expand as a flourishing economy will attract additional foreign investments. 

Oct 2018

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Prudent Group Brazil eBook

Discusses the structure of the capital markets and examines the alternatives
available to small and medium sized companies to source their working capital.

Oct 2016

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Prudent Group Surfing the Wave of Brazilian Credit Opportunities

In a recent interview with the Prudent Investment Fund’s Brazilian team ACQ5 had a chance to discuss some of the key elements leading up to Prudent Group’s success.

Jun 2018

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2016's Most Innovative
Hedge Fund Manager:

The Prudent Group are a highly innovative company who provide working capital to the small and midsize corporate market segment sector. We spoke to Dennis Klemming, Chairman of Prudent Group, to find out more about their firm and the solutions they offer. 

Jul 2016

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ACQ Annual Award Programs recognize organisations and individuals that have achieved outstanding commercial success in designated areas of expertise.


  • International Fund Management Firm of the Year (Latam Focused)

  • Americas / Europe - Cross Border Hedge Fund Management Firm of the Year

  • Latam - Open Ended Special Investment Fund of the Year, The Prudent Investment Fund

  • International - Gamechanger of the Year, Team Approach


  • Fund Management Firm of the Year 2017: LatAm Focused

  • Game-changer of the Year: 2017

Investor Review

  • Hedge Fund of the Year Award: 2017

Acquisition International

  • Corporate America

  • Most Innovative Hedge Fund Manager: 2016

  • 2016’s Most Innovative Hedge Fund Manager: USA/Europe

  • Hedge Fund Manager: 2017

  • Most Outstanding Hedge Fund Manager: 2017

Wealth & Finance

  • Best in Funds, USA: 2016

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